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In 2021

The layout of the entire ecological chain of modern facility agriculture has entered a new journey of development.

In 2019

Global sales of artificial light systems exceeded 1 million sets


Megaphoton entered innovation group.


Megaphoton was listed and bought HUIZHOU LESNO OPTOELECTRONICS CO,. LTD, and estabished Megaphoton Transformer Inc., Megaphoton Group was built up successfully.

In 2012

Megaphoton bought Zhuhai Relighting Lighting Co,.Ltd, mainly focus on manufacturing electronic ballast and HID lamps for Greenhouse.

In 2011

HUIZHOU LESNO OPTOELECTRONICS CO,. LTD, mainly focus on LED plant growing.

In 2006

China Electronics Corporation(CEC), mainly focus on electronic ballast for Greenhouse(digital ballast).

In 2001

Zhuhai Relighting Lighting Co,.Ltd, mainly focus on HID high power lamp for Greenhouse.

Address: No.15, North Airport road, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China
Phone: +86 0756 7630168
Email: info@mphoton.com
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